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Hope everyone has a safe and great long weekend!

July 9, 2016
Local 388 Golf Outing
Indian Head Golf Course, Mosinee
Registration has been sent out, call the hall if you haven't received yours.

 Please check your email address!!  We have been receiving a lot of non-deliverable emails lately so make sure we have the correct email address so you don't miss any important announcements or information!!



We are in the process of setting up classes to be starting very soon. If you are interested in any of the following classes please call the Union Hall, 715-341-2696


Structured Cable   
Conduit Bending   
CPR/First Aid       
Master Prep



Mark your calendars, the Union Picnic will be on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at Jordan Park in Stevens Point.  Camping is limited, call the Portage County Parks Department, 715-346-1433 or go to www.co.portage.wi.us to reserve your sight. 


2016 Dues Increase ~ At the 2011 IBEW 38th Convention it was approved to increase the monthly dues payment by $1 per month ($3 per quarter) for 2016

                      $114.00                   Quarterly
                      $228.00                   6 Months
                      $456.00                   Yearly 


As of April 1, 2014, everyone doing any electrical work in the state of Wisconsin are required to possess a current Wisconsin Electrical License

It is YOUR responsibility to notify the Union Hall of any address or phone number changes. 
 It is YOUR responsibility to pay your Union dues on time; the Union Hall is not required to send you a reminder notice.
 Any questions or concerns you would like to talk over with Business Manager Dean Miller, please feel free to call him 715-341-2696 or email him dmiller@ibew388.org

Resign Policy...
Initial sign in registration must be done in person. Re-sign shall be required monthly, beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month. Re-sign may be accomplished by mail, fax (715) 341-3124, e-mail (
kjanis@ibew388.org) or in person. Re-signs will require the following information: Name, home local #, IBEW card #, address, original sign date, and page number. On the day you sign the Book in person is your original sign in date. Any questions or concerns please feel free to call us..

 To get your Wisconsin State Journeyman & Master Electrician Credential applications go to: http://dsps.wi.gov/Documents/Credentialing%20Forms/Trades%20Application%20Forms/Je.pdf

Vacation Accounts
You are now able to put your vacation money in your own banks. If you would like a form to submit to have your vacation money sent to your own bank account contact Kathy 715-341-2696 at the Union Hall.

The Union Boot Pro ~
All boots on their website are Union Made, American made work boots.
Go to THEUNIONBOOTPRO.COM and enter code: Be0388mD and get 27% off your boot order

 Is Retirement in Your Future???
Whether you are planning to retire in six months, six years, or if retirement is too far ahead to contemplate, it is never too late to keep good records. Saving check stubs, date books, and copies of your employment records are just some of the ways to avoid confusion involving start dates and employers. Think about creating a job history folder to keep track of where you've worked. It may come in handy and make the process much easier on you.